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Yantai YINGFENGYU frozen food co., LTD.Was established in July 2011, is located in the jiaodong peninsula yellow sea lai Yang city Berlin zhuang industrial park, south railway from "blue smoke", green smoke, smoke wei in the north road, weifang diesel in the west, jiqing, with three highways, is apart from the yantai, Qingdao airport about 50 minutes by car, train, the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior, the scenery beautiful, pleasant climate, has a unique geographical conditions and development space.
Company is located in lai Yang city road no. 006, the registered capital of 5 million yuan, existing staff 202 people, including 9 with early, senior above title, project investment of 150 million yuan, covers an area of more than 50000 square meters, construction area of 23000 square meters, has 5000 ㎡ large production processing workshop, and is equipped with two capacity of 500 tons of fresh, frozen capacity of 120 tons of frozen library and total capacity of 15000 tons of low temperature cold storage, and at a cost of $12 million from the United States to introduce 3 tons of the same flesh and blood separator, a 6 tons of the same flesh and blood separator, two days can be processing meat raw materials more than 120 tons; Company office building, dormitory, restaurant, gym, garden and so on work life facilities, mainly engaged in chicken series products processing and storage, annual production capacity of 18000 tons, is a lawfully established for agricultural products processing business, with independent legal person qualification of yantai agricultural industrialization leading enterprises are the backbone of the national minced chicken product processing industry enterprises.
Company in July 2013, audit and passed the national industrial products production license, in December 2013, review and passed the GB/T22000-2006 / ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification, the company production and processing of minced chicken product is good, is a green pollution-free food, in the fairy altar, minhe, spring, cargill and other large domestic well-known food companies established good strategic partnership, High-quality product quality and good reputation to attract the shandong, henan, Beijing, fujian, guangdong, sichuan, zhejiang, jiangsu and other places of meat (ham), hot pot material (balls) production enterprises, product quality to win the trust of our customers, hence leading to the rapid development of the company, the rapid rise in the industry for many years been rated as industrial park "star enterprise" and "good faith enterprise".
In order to upgrade the level of the enterprise, promote the upgrading of products and meet the growing nutritional needs of consumers, in 2017, the company plans to develop cooked food product projects and enter the terminal customer market. After the project is completed, the annual output value is expected to increase by 80 million yuan and the profit and tax will be 6 million yuan.

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