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Working principle of dish washer

The dish washing machine of Laiyang Qiming Machinery Co., Ltd. is a special equipment that can replace manual washing and cleaning of various tableware, such as stainless steel dinner plates, plastic dinner plates, fast food plates, plates, dishes, etc. Its working principle is to shoot the hot water dissolved with detergent to the kitchen utensils to be cleaned at a high speed, drain water after washing, and then change clean water for cleaning. The use of dish washer can not only clean all kinds of tableware, but also dry, disinfect and reduce bacterial cross contamination. Working principle of dish washing machine: the circuit switching is completed by mechanical control or electronic control. The tap water is pressurized by the washing pump, heated by the heating pipe, and sprayed out through the spray hole of the sprayer. Because the sprayer rotates constantly due to the reaction force of water spraying, the sprayer sprays the tap water out of the high-pressure water column from the three-dimensional direction at a high speed, so that the water column sprayed to the top of the plate washer still has a great reaction force, so that all sides of the tableware are repeatedly washed, thus reducing the viscosity and adsorption force of the grease, and cleaning the residual juice attached to the tableware after steaming fish, steamed eggs, and boiled milk. The dirt falls to the bottom filter, the sewage after cleaning is automatically discharged by the drainage pump, and then the tableware is dried by using the waste heat.

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