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Operation of ORBES basket washing machine

1. Turn on the main power supply, check whether the drain valve is closed, and set the hot water temperature.

2. Open the valve of the water inlet pipe. When the water tank is filled with water, the solenoid valve will automatically close to stop water supply.

3. After the water reservoir is filled, open the steam pipe valve. When the temperature reaches the set value, the solenoid valve will automatically close to stop the steam supply.

4. After the water is filled, first press the "RESET" button, then press the "START" button to start the equipment.

5. It is forbidden to start the water pump before it is filled with water. During production, the filter plate is often cleaned to avoid damage to the water pump when the water pressure is lower than 4bar.

6. In case of jamming during production, stop the machine in time, and proceed after troubleshooting.

7. After production, stop the conveyor and water pump switch, close the steam valve and water supply valve. 8. Open the drain valve to drain, clean and disinfect.

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